Low-code, business applications, document management system

Design and manage data and processes.

Reduce the time and cost of software development by up to 60%.

Set a date for the demo presentation

Design and implement changes to the software much faster than in the case of classic design.

Build modules, processes and documents without the need for a developer.

The rapid application development approach allows the project to be delivered in quick iterations and with continuous adaptation of the product to the requirements. The approach allows for easy evaluation of the project results and their compliance with the constantly changing business requirements.

Create and change business applications easily and quickly.
The module can be run without coding.

Designing any electronic document.
Defining individual permissions for each document.
Designing a business process for the document.
Designing a business process for users in the document.


ERPspace allows you to quickly design dedicated software. Additionally, it also has a number of ready-made applications that can be tailored to your expectations.


Document workflow
Get rid of paper and improve the document circulation system in your company.


Circulation of financial documents
Effectively manage complex financial and accounting processes.


HR documents circulation
Process documents effectively increasing the efficiency of HR processes.


Customer relationship management
Support the sales department through smooth service and building relationships.


Project management
Run a project by monitoring its tasks and budget.


Enterprise Service Bus
Integrate software in a modern and stable way.


Document workflow

Handling incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence.
Document repository and reporting.
Preparation and approval of documents.
Document life cycle management.
Budgeting, investment planning, purchases.
Issuing or commissioning revenue invoices.
Acceptance of cost invoices and transfer of data to accounting.
Acceptance and reimbursement of delegation costs.
Handling of vacation requests.
Support for periodic employee appraisals.
Presence registration.
Management of remote employees.


Customer relationship management

Automation of business and marketing processes.
Support for the customer base and mailing campaigns addressed to the base.
Handling the purchasing process.
Customer relationship management.


Project management

Planning the project budget over time (in individual months).
Linking the budget with the chart of accounts.
Monitoring of implementation using the described documents.
Data integration between the financial and accounting system.


Enterprise Service Bus

Monitoring of transferred data through integration.
Integration activity reporting.
Scaling the throughput of transferred data as part of the integration.
Introducing changes in the field of integration and data transmission channels.


We present selected systems with which ERPspace is integrated.

Financial and accounting software
Internet shops

Mobile application

Use ERPspace on your iOS and Android mobile device.


Conducting a business analysis of your company will show us its specificity. Based on the analysis, we will offer you the best solutions that will improve and reduce your company's operating costs by means of process optimization and ERPspace software.



Defining the needs, purpose and scope of implementation. Pre-implementation analysis. Interviews. Analysis and optimization of business processes.


Development of system requirements specification.


Designing processes and documents in the system. Building dedicated modules.


System startup. Staff training.

After the implementation stage, the system is maintained and updated by the ERPspace producer.

Implementation models

ERPSPACE is delivered in the model: Private Cloud, Google Cloud, On-premises. Regardless of the model, the ERPSPACE Platform works exactly the same. Depending on your strategy, you can change the model during the platform maintenance.

Private Cloud

Independent and scalable environment tailored to your system. Infrastructure managed by the ERPSPACE Team.

Google Cloud

Safe maintenance environment based on Google Cloud Platform. The use of the GCP environment gives great opportunities to use such solutions as: BigQuery, BigQuery ML, Workflow, Function, Storage.


ERPSPACE is also available as a product installed on your servers. We use Linux in LTS releases as the maintenance environment.

Case study

See our sample projects

ASM Research Solutions Strategy

The goal of the project is the integration of ERPSPACE in the scope of document circulation, integration of financial module data with enova365.


Designing an ERPSPACE instance to implement live sales. Integration with Facebook, payment systems and carriers.


Developing a game based on a business management simulation. Financial control of the enterprise.


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