A platform that allows you to conduct automated sales on social media. VSELI automates the entire process, from ordering to shipping.


Implementation details

The aim of the project was integration with Facebook in the field of sales services conducted in the social media channel.

The integration was implemented using the Facebook API and the ERPSPACE enterprise resource management system. Facebook-specific technologies were also used, such as Facebook Graph and Messenger bots.

The developed integration allows for:

  • Retrieving orders from user comments during live;
  • Downloading orders from comments in posts;
  • Creating orders in ERPSPACE based on verified availability of product stock;
  • Sending direct messages in Messenger to customers about the created order;
  • Sending a link to the summary page;
  • Online payment processing;
  • Report the shipment and generate a label.

The key feature of the project was the implementation of the order processing function via comments under posts and during live broadcasts. The system automatically registered such orders and transferred them to ERPSPACE, where they were further processed. Thanks to this, handling sales on Facebook has become much simpler and more automated.

After placing an order, the VSELI customer receives a message on Messenger with information about the created order with a link to the summary page. This function significantly improved communication with customers and increased their satisfaction with using the company’s services.

In the final phase of the project, the ability to report a shipment and generate a label directly in ERPSPACE was added. This solution made the process of shipping goods to customers much easier.

The project showed that sales tools integrated with Facebook generate a higher level of user involvement, which translates into an increase in sales. As a result, the company noticed a significant increase in sales and improvement in the effectiveness of its marketing and sales activities in social media.


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