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Implementation details

The aim of the project was to integrate the ERPSPACE software in terms of transmitting detailed financial data to the enova365 system.

The beginning of cooperation with ASM began with an analysis of the company’s needs and requirements for the new system. It was decided that the enova365 software perfectly meets the company’s expectations, both in terms of the ability to process large amounts of data and the possibility of its integration with the ERPSPACE system.

The ERPSPACE and enova365 systems communicate in the following areas:

  • Company chart of accounts;
  • Project budgets;
  • Financial documents;
  • Analytical descriptions of financial documents;
  • HR settlements.

The implementation of the system included a comprehensive change in the organization of the company’s work – processes related to the processing of financial data, document management, and human resources (HR) management. First of all, using the Finance module, ASM could easily and effectively manage its chart of accounts and project budgets, as well as conduct detailed analysis of financial documents. Additionally, the implemented document circulation module (DMS) allowed for the organization and improvement of processes related to document circulation in the company. This approach allowed employees faster access to specific documents and facilitated their management.

Similar benefits were brought by the Human Resources module, which handled all aspects related to human resources management in ASM – from keeping employee records, through handling HR issues, to settlements. In turn, the CRM module provided tools that facilitated customer relationship management, thanks to which the company could provide an even higher level of service.

As part of the implementation at ASM, the following modules were launched:

  • DMS (document circulation);
  • Finances;
  • Personnel;
  • CRM;
  • Projects.

To sum up, the implementation of the ERPSPACE system at ASM has brought many benefits – from increasing work efficiency, through streamlining many business processes, to improving the quality of customer service. Thanks to this, the company could focus on its main activity – conducting market research, using the full potential of the collected data.


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