Full integration with Google Cloud Platform will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the public cloud.
  • Workflow – it will allow you to develop any data processing processes.
  • Function – With the ERPspace API you will be able to quickly run your own solution.
  • Storage – Data stored in the system is saved in the Storage service.
  • BiqQuery – A database that offers wide possibilities of optimization and integration with BI software.
You can easily integrate with any system on the market that uses REST or SOAP communication. The development of system integration is based on a simple configuration. Each one you execute in the system updates the API.
API ERPspace and BigQuery will allow integration with leading BI software on the market. With the help of such software as Looker, tableau, Google Data Studio, Qlik, you can perform advanced analyzes and reports using data from ERPspace.
With ERPSPACE add-ons you can download data to popular programs such as: Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet. Thanks to ERPSPACE add-ons, your data in the sheets will be synchronized on an ongoing basis.


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